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The last device you'll ever need.

Omnis created the most personal device ever. The "Fi" Implant. Connected directly to your central nervous system it helps you to spend a happier, healthier and more successful life. More than 20 years of research are put together to optimise and streamline your daily life.


Make your life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible! With a little help from Omnis Fi. The implant will optimise your daily routine. Your best friend’s birthday? An important business presentation? No problem! Omnis Fi supports you in every situation. Be successful and always on track.


The modern life is stressfull and demanding! Find yourself and improve your fitness with the training and health services of Omnis Fi. Shape your body and stay focused. It was never that simple before without even leaving your room.


Your attention is a precious good. So Omnis helps you to stay focused! Sources of disturbance faded out and daily distractions are removed in real-time to let you focus on your task. Although never letting you forget the real important things in life!

Available on July 1st.